Follow up on BC WordCampEd discussion…

So there’s been more discussion, both in the comment thread of my initial post and in emails, about how best to facilitate some sort of gathering of BC educational WPMUHeads (so sue me!) in conjunction with the June ETUG workshop at UVIc. I want to make it clear, *I’m* not in charge here, and if someone feels different and wants to do something different, have at ‘er, fill yer boots, etc.

A few things became clear that led us to our current thinking. One was that Sunday was likely a no-go; folks from UBC indicated they couldn’t make it, and many others, myself included, didn’t feel too inclined to give up our Sunday. Wednesday also meant an extra night staying over for those from away, so more cost and time away from the office, thus less desireable. And while we’re using the ETUG gathering as a convenient way to get together people who are already going to be together, we don’t want to hijack that event or create a competing draw. So…

What a few of us (me, Clint Lalonde from Camosun, Grant Potter from UNBC and Katy Chan from UVic) seem to have settled on is the idea of proposing two formal sessions as *part* of the ETUG conference; one, a technical session, on the top five lessons learned in implementing WPMU (a discussion hosted by Clint and Grant), and a second, less technical/more pedagogical “teaching with blogs/WPMU” session (for whom a few have stepped up as potential facilitators). My hope is that, first off , both of these will be accepted, and second that they’ll be really vigorous discussion sessions (hopefully there are conference rooms suited for this that *aren’t* lecture -style rooms), not “presentations.”

We’re also hoping these get scheduled on the Monday, so that we can all convene to the pub before the BBQ that night. Part of this exercise is about community building, and so hopefully this combination of intense hour long discussion and socializing afterwards can help strengthen those bonds and see the conversation and collaborations flourish online afterwards. this was very much part of our thinking – what should we be trying to do in a f2f session that we can’t already do well online.

So there you have it. At least as far as I am concerned. I won’t be organizing a separate WordCampEd event. I expect some will be disappointed – well, speak up, it’s early enough (this isn’t until June, right?) that we can change course or that you can still organize something if you feel so moved, and I think everyone involved so far would still be interested in hearing a plan and potentially collaborating. But this felt like a good plan to accomodate the vagaries of this year’s ETUG scheduling and travel issues while still meeting the goals of facilitating some good specific discussions on applying WPMU AND buildling local community. Hope to see you there! – SWL

Follow up on BC WordCampEd discussion…

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