Dynamic Wiki-driven OER Search Engine


So Stephen pointed to a Google Coop engine that Tony Hirst built out of the OER pointers on ZaidLearn’s OER collection page.

That’s cool, I’m a google coop/constrained search nut, and knowing Tony, he likely finagled some sweet way of automatically getting the links into the Coop engine.

But…why not drive the Coop engine right out of a wiki page? That way, as people find new OER sites, they can easily expand the engine. Sure, Coop itself will let you do this, but you gotta ask permission. This is actually easily accomplished on ANY web page using the “Generate Google Coop Engine on the Fly” javascript code. Ponder that for a second – ANY web page can also become a constrained search engine, simply by inserting a piece of Javascript. Google, I love you. If I were going to have any more kids, I’d name the next one Google. (luckily, I’m not 😉 – SWL

Dynamic Wiki-driven OER Search Engine

7 thoughts on “Dynamic Wiki-driven OER Search Engine

  1. I realized I could have added a better link to the “custom google coop engine on the fly” code – you can find the Javascript to turn any page into a “lense” with Google Coop at http://www.google.com/coop/cse/onthefly . Literally, just copy and paste this onto the page with the links on it that you want to constrain the search to, and their you go. Truly brilliantly simple.


  2. […] Building and editing a Google custom search using the interface on the Google site is by no means difficult, but over the past year or so some tools to make it even easier have come out. The Google Marker allows you to add sites to a CSE by pressing a button on your browser. Or you can make CSEs on the fly that search across the links in a web page (the example from Tony Hirst was based on links from this page from ZaidLearn). Scott Leslie enhanced this idea by putting the links into a wiki so that it was possible add sites. […]


  3. […] Brian links to Tony Hirst’s OER custom search which we mentioned previously and notes the similarly simple OER Dynamic Search Engine started by Scott Leslie. Within Scott’s OER Dynamic Search Engine wiki, search for content in the existing listed sites on the wiki or contribute a new link to the list by following these deliciously simple steps. Got a new site? Log in as username: edtechpost_guest (same password) and add it to the list. Simple, eh? […]


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