Testing windows live writer

Gardner and Brian rockin' out


This is totally just an excuse to try out Windows Live Writer on the recommendation of Chris Lott, whose nicely formatted images and citation technique I wanted to emulate. But I could not pass up the opportunity to link to this photo of two of my very favourite people in what could possibly be the only jam in recent memory to perhaps rival the all eduglu blues revival. I am certain it outstripped us in musical competency, and by the look on Brian’s face, perhaps even in dementedness (though the latter would have been hard.) – SWL

Testing windows live writer

2 thoughts on “Testing windows live writer

  1. Ever since I started using Windows Live Writer for blogs, I have liked it. The only thing I am not fond of is when I schedule posts for the future. I do not always find them getting posted and at times the automatic email notifications do not get sent.

    Otherwise, it is a great program, and I recommend it above any other one I have tried for WP.


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