Giunti Labs acquires HarvestRoad

Increasingly I am focusing on things other than repositories (Amen!) but it still occupies some of my attention, so this news (even 3 months after the fact) still caught my eye. Apparently Harvest Road, an Australian learning object repository/learning content management system vendor, has been acquired by the Italian-based elearning product vendor Giunti Labs.

Harvest Road was a publicly listed company on the Australian exchange that has now been de-listed (presumably because of this acquisition.) They were extremely aggressive in trying to market their product around the world over the past 4-5 years. You can draw your own conclusions, both about what this says about Harvest Road and what it says about that market. From where I’m sitting, though, it would be hard to spin this in a positive way. – SWL

Giunti Labs acquires HarvestRoad

3 thoughts on “Giunti Labs acquires HarvestRoad

  1. Scott,

    Just wondering why you say it would be hard to spin this in a positive way. From what I remember, admittedly a couple of years old, I have positive recollections of both these companies…what am I missing?




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