Dare2BDigital – An Online ‘Gameshow’ to Showcase eLearning in BC


The folks at BCcampus (and this may be logrolling but let me be clear up front, while I work for the folks who have produced Dare2bdigital, I had nothing to do with the project) have come up with an interesting experiment to promote online learning in the province.

Dare2BDigital is a six-week “event” in which student teams compete for prizes by performing various challenges around existing online learing resources in the province, documenting their experience in team blogs that allow the “audience” to follow along, “root” for them, and also participate through blogs and forums (and end up eligible for their own prizes.)

So for instance, the first challenge involves the students interacting with the Tatla Online Observatory and conceiving a “game” that would take place in zero-gravity.

This is definitely not traditional marketing. It really is an experiment to try and expose more people to the really wide range of possibilities for (admittedly, but that’s our bailiwick) formal online education in British Columbia. It has just started, so we will see how it goes. Check it out. Depending on how well it does they may make it a regular thing, but it is definitely worth a least a look as an experiment in alternative marketing. – SWL

Dare2BDigital – An Online ‘Gameshow’ to Showcase eLearning in BC

2 thoughts on “Dare2BDigital – An Online ‘Gameshow’ to Showcase eLearning in BC

  1. Paul Stacey, the main man behind the project (who happens to also be my boss 😉 just emailed me to let me know about the “audience” contributions that have already come in on the first challenge – http://event.dare2bdigital.ca/audience/works. These are very cool, some of them are just musings outloud, but one user, named “station” actually responded to the audience challenge by setting up a blogspot blog (http://astronomyscool.blogspot.com/) to document the major astronomical events unfolding in his lifetime. Cool!


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