MegaTrends in E-Learning Provision

Via the sporadic but often interesting e-learning reviews site comes a note about this large-scale study of, well, large-scale European e-learning providers (or “megaproviders” as the report calls them.)

Of most interest is perhaps the “Analyses of European megaproviders of e-learning” and the “Recommendations for robust and sustainable large-scale e-learning”.

Me, I’m not so sure I’m even keen on the notion of “megaproviders” any more, if I ever was. Some of the recommendations seem a bit obvious (“Recommendation 13: Robust, sustainable and large-scale e-learning initiatives should make sure to receive support from their top management” – uh huh) while others (“Recommendation 6: Use standard and widely-used technologies; widely-used technologies enable students to apply the software and hardware they have at their
disposal with little need to buy and install additional equipment.”) don’t seem to me to go far enough in decrying errors we continue to make.

Still, the report authors and funders are to be commended for having the courage to examine the host of failed projects to date and try to learn from these. There is a lot of material here and much good stuff to be digested over the next week as I dig through it. Enjoy! – SWL

MegaTrends in E-Learning Provision

One thought on “MegaTrends in E-Learning Provision

  1. […] 未达到目标的电子学习举措 这只是书评,不过我非常喜欢它的观点。话虽如此,我倒不是很同意该书作者的分析。回顾失败的例子很好,但是是否研究过示例的范围是否。比如,他们说,“实际的市场研究是任何电子学习举措所必须的。”嗯,这个其实取决于你对成功的定义。比如,我认为这份简报就取得了广泛胜利。但是我之前并没有进行任何市场调查(这想法令我讨厌)。还有一个,“课程选择和认证非常关键。”我们想知道到底该不该选择课程。相关内容:Scott Leslie, 电子学习大趋势。Review by Ingrid Schonwald, elearning reviews February 7, 2008 [Link] [Tags: Newsletters, Online Learning, Books, Research] [Comment] […]


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