Happy Solstice, Year End Reflections

(I have a half-dozen posts to write that don’t seem to be getting done, so this will have to suffice for now. Maybe over the holidays – oh yeah, right, “holidays.” Time *off*.)

Tonight (and tomorrow, we don’t discriminate) is one of our biggest celebrations of the year, Winter Solstice. I hope you have a great one too and drive away any winter doldrums as you welcome the rebirth of the light.

And being in a relfective mood I thought I’d note some things I am grateful for from the past year, and things I am wishing for in 2008

What I am grateful for in 2007

  • My family, and both mine and their continued good healths.
  • Being able to work in my chosen field and live where I live. Any gripeing you hear me do throughout the year is unfounded. I am truly fortunate.
  • The fellowship of the Unitarian Universalist community we are a part of in Victoria. Their ability to embrace difference and diversity while also standing up for social justice is an example I always hope to emulate.
  • Twitter, for all its failings. Or rather, for the people who I get to hang with in Twitter. Their support, conversation and everyday companionship means so much to me.
  • Being able to see so many good friends at different events this year. I “see” them everyday online, but the amount of cool ideas and projects that come out of even 10 minutes jamming over lunch or between sessions in a hallway just can’t be beat
  • Brother Leon and The Whoremonks, for saving my soul, getting me to play music and jamming with me no matter how bad it sounds to anyone else
  • To The Flaming Lips, Radiohead, Amon Tobin, The White Stripes, Beethoven, Beck, Blockhead, and M.I.A. for all doing their part to make joyous raucous music that lifts me up

And my wishes for 2008?

  • More time (and more focus) to get more skills, do some development work
  • For Dr. Bruce Landon’s continued and speedy recovery.
  • That my proposal for a new “social and web 2.0” Edutools site is accepted and supported
  • That Gardner Campbell will come out West and I get some time to hang with him

Blessed Be.

Happy Solstice, Year End Reflections

5 thoughts on “Happy Solstice, Year End Reflections

  1. Scott,

    Bravo, a wonderful list and makes me think about how much I have to take stock of these days. Just be careful of what you wish for with that wild-man Campbell! Enjoy the solstice, and see you on the other side.


  2. Scott, thank you for your unfailing intelligence, sense of fun and generosity, on both the personal and professional fronts. And what a special treat to have seen both Beck and the Flaming Lips with you!

    And yes, early March — quite a follow-up to NV, no? I’m hoping to line up a jam space so we can make a real rocking racket after-hours.


  3. AB says:

    Best Wishes for 2008!

    What development work do you have planned? Have you ever considered teaming up with a web developer type? Send me an email if you are interested in teaming up to design some cutting edge open source tools.


  4. […] I “met” Gardner online through Brian and for a few years followed his writings and explorations in teaching through his blog. Oddly (for it seems a bit odd to me) I feel like we started to get to know each other a little bit better in twitter, and indeed Gardner’s open letter to me when I left twitter for a few months played no small part in bringing me back. And as with so many people I’ve been fortunate to connect with online, I hoped we could meet. When I found out he was coming to do a talk at UBC in March, I knew I had to make the trek. […]


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