Widgitized LaTeX Equation Editor


Another sweet little hack to throw into your small pieces loosely joined toolkit – this little widget (which you can add to any webpage) allows users to create LaTeX math equations that they can either paste into any LaTeX enabled app or else use the image file that it also helpfully generates. While there are more and more editors that support math equations, the ability to use a widget like this anywhere means this needn’t become a “blocker” requirement that ends up deciding the game in favour of a monolithic system simply because of it’s editor. – SWL

Widgitized LaTeX Equation Editor

4 thoughts on “Widgitized LaTeX Equation Editor

  1. Michael Penney says:

    I was showing this to some folks just the other day, when Google took it offline for awhile.

    Now this shows the problem with the collection of services model for an LMS, methinks. Imagine if a math course was relying on this widget for students to use in a test, and Google or whomever took it offline in the middle of an exam period?

    The faculty member is going to call you (the LMS Admin), but who are you going to call?

    The collection of services model IMHO requires that all services adhere to a service agreement about when they will be up, how they will notify users if they are going to be down, etc.

    Other problems with this model:

    Users want a consistent interface.
    CIOs want to limit the number of contracts they need to read and sign and external groups they rely on (need to call).
    How are you going to do a security review on these collected apps? What data does the widget capture when used, have your users agreed to provide this data to the service provider?
    How do you review the code provided for pasting?


  2. mike says:

    hi a year later
    i am using sitmo, and want to know if there is anyway you can use the images immediately without downloading them?


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