Current list of U.S. eLearning Patents and Patent Applications

I believe, though could be mistaken, that this valuable list of current US e-learning patents was created by Jim Farmer at im+m.

This next comment goes in the “Scott complaining about something that is free” bin, but Jim, is there any way you could maintain this (if that is what you are doing in) in something like DabbleDB or a GoogleDoc spreadsheet? Something that automatically produces an RSS feed (and that you could give permission to others to add to, so as to not have to shoulder the burden alone).

Efforts like this that keep the community appraised are immensely valueable. And I don’t want to sound ungrateful, but much like the case with the Ed Tech conference listings I documented a while back, in this day and age we need to be looking at web-based formats and tools by default, ones that produce RSS and allow collaborative editing. There is simply too much too kepp track of to do otherwise, and it is only in spreading the load that we can hope to keep up. – SWL

Current list of U.S. eLearning Patents and Patent Applications

5 thoughts on “Current list of U.S. eLearning Patents and Patent Applications

  1. […] 最新美国eLearning专利权和专利权应用列表 一份很好的清单,但我感觉还不太完整。所以列出Scott Leslie的评论,”进行这样的努力来推动社会评价是非常有价值的。尽管我不想过于吹毛求疵,但还是要补充案例如下:不久前我提到了Ed Tech会议列举的清单,在这个时代我们还需要将基于网络的格式和工具看作是最自然的应用,这些应用产生RSS输出、允许协同编辑。” Scott Leslie, EdTechPost May 29, 2007 [原文链接] [标签: RSS] [参与评论] […]


  2. Scott, you are correct about the source. The list of U.S. parents is updated rarely. There are two URLs that may be useful. I am using an Excel spreadsheet that can be download from and the formatted report from

    About 25 patents and patent applications have been added since the 24 May version you referenced.

    I am expanding the list to see if I can identify a patent troll who is accumulating patents. So far I don’t see that pattern. Also I am interested in which applications become patents. So far most of the applications are waiting responses fto questions about obviousness–typically a non-final rejection of some or all claims.

    I expect to continue adding to the list in early July.


  3. Jim, first off thanks so much for sharing this, and more importantly, for actually doing this. I hope you understood from my remarks above that I was in no way meaning to criticize you for this effort; my suggestions about web 2.0 enabling this was more along the lines of enabling others, if they wished to support you in this important task, especially because it is not the only important (and presumably time consuming) one you offer for free to the rest of the community.

    In that spirit, in case you are interested, you can see a Zoho version of of the spreadsheet at and also see what it would look like on your own site at If these are at all appealing I can give you ownership of the file on Zoho, but you can also create this by importing the file into ZoHo in about 2 minutes. More importantly, if this is of interest I’d also commit to drumming up more folks to help maintain. This is the kind of thing that the elearning community at large needs to be aware of and actively monitor.

    Hope this is understood in the spirit it is offered (I’ll take it down in a heartbeat if there’s an issue) and for this work, and more generally the invaluable im m elibrary which never ceases to amaze me, thanks.


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