Psiphon – creating cracks in the great firewall


I remember, I think it was Northern Voice 2006, talking with Brian, D’Arcy and Alan about the “Google filtering Chinese search results” and “China banning wikipedia” stories. While I was just as willing as the next to shake my fist at the injustice of it all, at the time I also argued that if you understand networks and the technology of proxy servers, that this approach was doomed to fail, that the great firewall of China (or wherever) becomes just more damage to route around. Whether it be via mesh networks via radio or good old fashioned fidonet, there are many ways to get past this kind of control.

Here’s a new one you can participate in. Psiphon, developed by the Citizen’s Lab at U of T, allows individuals to form social networks that proxy web traffic in a way that no central censor will ever keep up with. See an illustration here that helps explain it. Instead of just a few central proxy server sites that authorities can block themselves, this turns any machine with an IP address into a potential proxy, but unlike more anonymous p2p approaches this works through the idea of small trusted networks. Have a friend in China, Saudi Arabia, or Iran, give them the gift of a free internet by running psiphon and providing them with a URL to start their anonymous surfing. No software, just a unique URL. Since I don’t know people in those nations, please let me know if you do. I’d like to help.

And as Quentin D’Souza noted, it’s not just big bad repressive governments who run firewalls that you might want to get around. He he.

And finally, props to CBC’s The Hour for apparently covering the story way back in December.SWL

Psiphon – creating cracks in the great firewall

7 thoughts on “Psiphon – creating cracks in the great firewall

  1. […] 我们在New Brunswick州的立法委刚刚被照会,让他们不要听推荐标准测试的AIMS的建议(不那么中立),而应该是听取推荐者(AIMS)反对的一些实际上在研究教育和在这个领域作研究的人的意见。[链接] [标签: Security Issues, Schools] [讨论]Psiphon-引爆防火墙(译者注:Psiphon是加拿大大学的研究者们研制的一种可以越过网络防火墙的软件)不太确定之前有没有提过,但它值得提出来帮助你越过防火墙访问信息――不管这个防火墙是政府的还是学校的。只需记住,如果你使用了它,在网上就再没什么需要匿名了。[链接] [标签: Security Issues, Schools] [讨论]? […]


  2. Bypass Net Censorship…

    Im running a Psiphon Node.
    As Psiphone is design to run privately makes it hard to detect and block unlike other proxies.
    Just like WASTE this is suppose to be a small trusted network.
    as like WASTE again…
    Psiphone traffic is encrypted betwe…


  3. China firewall is lame, use water to put out the fire of the wall but how do you get over the wall? – use to bypass it. You can bypass China Great Firewall and access youtube, facebook, blogger and all other sites which are blocked.


  4. living in china is such a pain in the butt because of the GFW… i want to go on facebook and youtube!! but im only 12 and the solutions i see are too confusing to understand and only for PC users…(i use mac… i like it… but things seem more confusing with it….)


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