We interrup this blog with a message from a Green Party of Canada member


Apologies for the non-edtech topic, but this is the only soapbox I have, and this is an issue that matters to me.

I strongly urge any Canadian readers, regardless of political affiliation, to visit the URL above and sign the petition urging the major Canadian TV networks to include the leader of the federal Green Party in the next leaders debate.

While we don’t yet know the date of the next election, everyone knows its going to happen at some not-too-distant point, and at a time when the major political parties in Canada are making increasing political hay out of environmental issues (yet doing little to address them) it is unconscionable that the leader of the Green Party be excluded from future debates.

Call me retrograde, call me old school, call me a neanderthal, I don’t care; I have not given up on either the concept or the practice of a Canadian federal government, as frustrating and ineffective as it can be, nor do I believe there is currently any other forum for the 4 leaders to engage that receives as much attention as the national televised debates. So please, lend your name to a more inclusive debate. – SWL

We interrup this blog with a message from a Green Party of Canada member

7 thoughts on “We interrup this blog with a message from a Green Party of Canada member

  1. Wow, Leon, you’re alive! I thought you might have off’d yourself from all the self-loathing. Well, welcome back… I guess. We’ve…well “missed” would be too strong a word, how about “wondered”… about you.


  2. […] March 17th, 2007 To echo Scott’s plea, if you feel that the Green Party should be part of the TV debates in the incoming Federal election (whenever that will be…), no matter what is your actual political leaning, then you can visit the web site the Green Party has created for this at http://www.letelizabethspeak.ca/.  My opinion is that the larger range of ideas the voters are exposed to, the better informed of the choices available to them in an election they will be, and the better vote they will be able to cast. And at the end, democracy will be better off. […]


  3. Hi Scott ,
    enjoyed reading your blog! Will definitely come back for more! Would love to contact you regarding the “EduBlogging Event´07” – send me an email if you´re interested. Much power to you! Steli


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