Testing Out “Write to my BLog” site

On a tip from Alan, testing out the writetomyblog.com site .

Addendum: So I tried out the writetomyblog.com site based on a for:nessman link from the CogDog. My one comment – while it provides a nice editing environment, it does not appear to integrate with my local Ultimate Tag Warrior database for tags, so for now I think I’ll pass.
Testing Out “Write to my BLog” site

2 thoughts on “Testing Out “Write to my BLog” site

  1. You might be able to use the embedded tags feature of UTW — enable it on options and then you can add tags using this format: [tags]tag, twoword tag, anothertag[/tags] — which is very useful because none of the external editors I have used (I use Performancing) handle UTW tags…


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