LORNet Conference – Pre-Conference Workshops

Note to self: The start of November is a bad time to launch a new system if you also want to attend conferences 😉

So while I have no time to be away right now, I am lucky to be spending this week in downtown Vancouver with a good portion of the academic world’s best minds in the field of learning object networks research.

I am not going to even try blogging the conference. My boat anchor of a laptop’s wireless doesn’t work (2 weeks and counting until brand-spanking new laptop arrives!) and I’m a lousy typist to begin with. Instead, here’s a brain dump of questions the first few sessions triggered for me or quotes that roused me enough to write them down:

– if the metadata field isn’t mandatory, don’t even ask for it
– what is the equivalent of a ‘playlist’ for learning objects? Is it the re-aggregated form (lesson, course) or something else? (and how do we get the information? how do we build the last.fm of learning objects)
– handles/unique IDs *are* in fact an important issue (and URLs aren’t the solution for them, but neither is any system that requires manual work to create the handle).
– need to find out how people (mainly instructors at this point) make evaluative judgements on the potential usefulness of a learning resource? what do they base it on? how long do they actually take in making these judgements?
– identity management is *the* major nut to crack for the next tsunami of innovation to break (web 3.doh?!)

Sorry if these don’t make any sense to anyone but me (do they make sense to me?) Wish you were here 😉 – SWL

LORNet Conference – Pre-Conference Workshops