Blackboard “Blogging” their Annual Conference

So I open my emailbox this morning to find a message from one of our former edtech blogging brethren, Greg Ritter from Ten Reasons Why. As many of you will know, Greg works for Blackboard (yes that Blackboard) who are having their annual conference right now in Baltimore. Greg wrote to ask if I’d point to a blog they have set up for the conference.

Well, I was a bit torn (as torn as I can be at 8 o’clock in the morning) – this breaks one of the blogging commandments to not blog on command, and to make matters worse, so far it looks basically like a more efficient means to distribute press releases into the blogosphere. Yet here I am, shameless shill of the corporate overlords, pointing to this Blackboard conference blog. I decided to let you be the judge yourselves – as is so often the case, folks in the blogosphere can sniff things out pretty well for themselves, and it’s definitely not the case in this medium that any press is good press. – SWL

Blackboard “Blogging” their Annual Conference

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