New EdTech blog – Tim Wang’s Education Blog

A warm welcome to the blogosphere for a new Ed Tech blogger from B.C. Tim Wang is a Flash developer with the Arts Computing group at U.B.C. For those of you not familar with their work, these are the folks behind a set of Flash-based learning tools they call ‘Learning Object Template Tools,’ including the flash-based Timeline Tool that made the rounds a few months back.

I am really looking forward to reading Tim’s blog, both for the ideas he brings to the field but also the connections he brings. In addition to being a great Flash developer, Tim also speaks Chinese and has of late been making more and more connections with educational technologists in China. I often find backlinks to EdTechPost from Chinese blogs only to find I can’t make heads or tails, so it will be great to have a guide to new happenings over there. – SWL

New EdTech blog – Tim Wang’s Education Blog

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  1. A couple great UBC weblogs

    Scott plugs Tim Wang’s Education Blog today. I second the endorsement — not only has Tim done some outstanding work with UBC’s Faculty of Arts (in particular some excellent learning object authoring and language learning tools), and he shares a wide ra…


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