Celebrate Evaluation Report Available


In case you somehow overlooked it, CELEBRATE (Context eLearning with Broadband Technologies) has been a rather massive 30-month demonstration project (June 2002-November 2004) co-ordinated by European Schoolnet and supported by the European Commission’s Information Society Technologies Programme. It’s task was seemingly to examine all things ‘learning object’ to determine the extent to which it is a good strategy to pursue and how it should be pursued within the EC.

Their evaluation report is now available. Be forewarned – at 202 pages it is book-length and while I haven’t read it all, the bits I have read indicate it’s worth more than just a skim. It includes detailed case studies on the lifecycle of a couple of learning objects, detailed recommendations on how to move forward, and survey results from educators on their experiences with learning objects. With all the snow we just got (yes, 4 inches and counting in Victoria!) I guess I know how I’m spending my weekend. – SWL

Celebrate Evaluation Report Available