Happy …. Oh just have a good break ;-)

That’s me done until December 29th! Thanks to folks out there for their feedback and support throughout what has been a rather challenging year for me. I am so thoroughly looking forward to 2005.

For those of you who don’t know, I work out of a home office in my basement, and so the people I meet online and through this blog form an absolutely HUGE part of my professional support network, friends and set of mentors. I am grateful to you all and look forward to an exciting new year of learning and being inspired and regularly humbled by you and your works.

Cheers, Scott

Happy …. Oh just have a good break ;-)

4 thoughts on “Happy …. Oh just have a good break ;-)

  1. Hi Scott !

    Well we’ve started 2005 at bcou and I am also optimistic about the coming year. I look forward to learning a lot more…and I usually do by associating with people like you whether on line or in person.

    I wish you good health in the new year and best of luck in your projects. I guess one could say that some of the best projects have come out of “basements” ! ;)> no?



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