New URL for Combined Edubloggers Links Feed

A few weeks back I posted about a feed I had created using that rolled together the RSS feeds from such Edublogging luminaries as Alan Levine, Brian Lamb and Will Richardson.

No sooner did this get started then announces that it is closing its doors (lending some real credibility to Derek Morrison’s recent musings about aggregator business models).

No worries though. The same feed has been recreated and is now available through Blogdigger at the above URL (the RSS feed is Truth be told Blogdigger is the nicer of the two services in any case – I left the settings on this group as ‘Unmoderated’ meaning people can add their feeds here too if they choose, something unavailable through I noticed about a dozen folks had subscribed in Bloglines to this feed, and possibly more elsewhere, so be forewarned. I will leave the original feed as is but at some point I expect will just pull the plug.

So far this has proven a fruitful experiment, leading to a dozen or so really valuable references that fellow edubloggers Furl’d but did not post to their blogs. – SWL

New URL for Combined Edubloggers Links Feed