New IMS Specification Download Pages and License

IMS has a re-designed website, and a fairly unwelcomed addition to getting access to the specification documents. As they state on the individual specification pages “HTML documents may be viewed online, but may not be printed without permission. To download an electronic copy for printing, please go to the specification download page.” I guess this makes some sense. They aren’t restricting access, just asking people to agree to their license, which on the surface seems o.k., though it is not straight boilerplate, and systems implementors will want to think through what if any implications Section II, “License Terms for Implementation” have to them. (That said, I can’t wait to read Stephen’s reaction when he finds out he needs to re-enter his personal data everytime he wants a new copy or a different file) – SWL

New IMS Specification Download Pages and License

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  1. P.S. They are using a hack that makes the pages not print when viewed with IE, but it didn’t seem to have any effect if one viewed and then tried to print the pages in Firefox.


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