Article on ‘Intro to the Search/Retrieve URL Service (SRU)’

Related to the last post, this article from the latest issue of Ariadne gives a good introduction to the Search/Retrieve URL Service, a protocol designed to “define a standard form for Internet search queries as well as the structure of the responses.”
Even if the specific topic isn’t greatly of interest to you, the article may be useful in having one of the most stragithforward explanations of the difference between SOAP and REST-based web services, and why, contrary to all the hype, there is still some value in SOAP-based services. – SWL

Article on ‘Intro to the Search/Retrieve URL Service (SRU)’

2 thoughts on “Article on ‘Intro to the Search/Retrieve URL Service (SRU)’

  1. Heather Leary says:

    This is a very interesting article. Do you know if these standards follow any of the Library of Congress standards for searching within subjects, keyword, author, title, etc.? I realize that this is set up for searching online and not in a library, but the LOC has some good standards. Just curious how this compares to using digital collection management software (like CONTENTdm). Is this a digital collection management package?


  2. REST and SOAP

    This article, although not its primary objective, contains a good description of REST and SOAP. [via SWL]

    Update: I discovered a presentation on REST and SOAP here. Also I found an article on using PHP and REST-ful web service to query Amazon. An…


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