iCommons Canada Project


Via Mike Mattson at the U of C (thanks Mike!) comes mention of this initiative to “develop Creative Commons licences for Canadian artists” (and presumably other content creators as well). They promise that the final draft of the Canadian Creative Commons licenses will be available by September 30th. I’m interested to find out how this would diverge from the existing CC licenses (as I am a Canadian already publishing material under that license.) – SWL

iCommons Canada Project

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  1. Good question Harold. My sense is that they aren’t creating another one so much as re-stating the legalize of the Creative Commons in local terms, in this case in terms that could stand up in a Canadian court. cf. http://creativecommons.org/discuss#icommons. Thanks for asking the question, though, as it made me look into it further and realize these localizations were going on under the auspices of CC itself.


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