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While this project was announced last fall, it seems to be up an running now and has this website. For those who missed the announcement last October, this is the NSERC-funded $7.5 million/5 year project that, as far as I know, represents the largest ongoing learning object repository research initiative in Canada.

The project has 6 themes and stretches across 6 Canadian research Universities. I don’t know if it is fair to call this ‘edusource II’ as the aims of the project seem farther reaching, but it does involve some of the same principals from Canada’s last ‘nation-wide’ learning object repository research project.SWL

LORNET Website

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  1. Christopher Brooks says:

    Just a note that the project is focused on learning object repositories but not limited to them. The intersections between LOR’s, instructional design, data mining, and visualization are being explored by a number of themes….


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