Harmoni PHP Project


Also from the NITLE site, a reference to this OKI-related open source project, which consists of three major components:
1) A PHP application framework and architecture, offering, e.g. authentication, DBC, file storage
2) PHP OKI OSID (service definitions) conversion system
3) PHP implementations of those OSIDs

This is the result of a collaboration of two projects we’ve heard a little bit about in the past, Segue (which has been referred to at times as the ‘blogging-based CMS’) and a LMS from the Associated Colleges of the South Tech Centre. It’s hard to overstate the importance of this project to OKI – originally all of the OKI castings were in Java which, for all of the sense it may have made, to me was also a serious impediment to many non-institutional developers (read ‘individual instructors’) being able to build in it/on it. Having the OKI OSIDs implemented in PHP suddenly opens the door to the potentially much vaster legion of people who are developing systems and individual learning apps in that language. – SWL

Harmoni PHP Project

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