New page for ‘RSS feeds from learning object repositories’

I just noticed today that people still refer to the old page I built illustrating RSS feeds from known Repositories. That page was built on my old Radio site using a simple Radio macro that rendered RSS as HTML. Since then I’ve moved the site into MoveableType and onto another host, but I have only recently got around to recreating this page. This time, though, I did it using a public Bloglines page (one of the beauties of a web-based aggregator that lets you share!)

The new page illustrating the results of these feeds is at It’s actually pretty interesting to have them in one’s aggregator as you get a better sense of how regularly materials are being added (not that regularly). As before, the page includes feeds from:

Originally when I built this it was mostly to try and illustrate for myself the results and the utility of such feeds. The page is still fairly referenced, though, and so I have tried to add new ones as I find them. If you know of other Repositories that offer RSS feeds please let me know and I will add it to the list. Eventually I will decomission the old site, and will probably do something to re-direct this particular page.

New page for ‘RSS feeds from learning object repositories’

4 thoughts on “New page for ‘RSS feeds from learning object repositories’

  1. Rip. Mix. Feed. How?

    Apple had the perhaps now ill-fated “Rip, Mix, Burn” concept for music– I am looking for something similar (less lawyer intensive) for RSS feeds. It is taking feeds breaking them apart, and rebuilding them into something new. We can rebuild…


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