KnowledgeAgora – public interface to CanLOM database

I’m sure someone on the Edusource project would know more about this (maybe Stephen, since it does seem to be in his backyard). On the surface, it doesn’t look a lot different than the old Telecampus Online Course Directory, though drilling down into the subject menus reveals that the contents are not identical. – SWL

KnowledgeAgora – public interface to CanLOM database

2 thoughts on “KnowledgeAgora – public interface to CanLOM database

  1. Knowledge Agora is a test site for the marketing and sale of learning objects. It is by no means a finished product. Yan Simard is the creator/manager of the site, on behalf of TeleEducation New Brunswick. His contact information is available on this site, and I know that he would appreciate any feedback. This is not a commercial venture at this time.


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