LOM/CanCore-based Open-Source Software Components


Cancore and Athabasca University have announced the release of three new components to assit in the development of learning object metadata and repositories. They are, variously,

  • A LOM Interface or API simplifying the manipulation and transmission of LOM data within and between software systems.
  • LOR Interface or API for communicating with a Learning Object and Metadata Repository.
  • A custom LDAP schema which allows LOM records to be stored and accessed via an LDAP server.

This is great news Both the LOM and LOR APIs are Java bindings, which makes me wonder if this foretells of plans for future interoperation with potential OKI-compliant systems.

UPDATE: I’m in Calgary today for some meetings on educational metadata and got a little more background on this project – it sounds like it is no more or less than it seems, a proof of concept that one can use an LDAP server as a lightweight object repository. – SWL

– via [e-Learning Eclectic]

LOM/CanCore-based Open-Source Software Components

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