Elearning Research Questions from Mark Oehlert


Mark Oehlert has posted an interesting set of survey questions as a word doc on his site, which he is asking people working in the ‘elearning’ filed to answer. It includes such thought provokers as:

  • 9. Do you see a convergence or divergence between the worlds of corporate training and higher education in the realm of e-learning?
  • 10. Are you aware of any groups or skill sets not currently represented as fully as they should be in the e-learning mix (e.g. anthropologist)? Have you ever seen a company attempt to also sell the ability to shift corporate culture to maximize an investment in e-learning along with the product?
  • 14. Can a cell phone be a learning device?

Mark is involved in some fairly large ‘games’ and so if you want to have an impact here’s one chance to make your voice heard. – SWL

Elearning Research Questions from Mark Oehlert