Skype – Free P2P Voice over IP

I work all day on a project based out of Colorado but am physically located in Victoria, Canada, and my colleague Bruce Landon is outside of Vancouver. So we’re forever trying various voice over IP and instant messaging solutions in an attempt to find a cheap, easy and effective way to stay in touch, but so far either they’ve seemed flaky or at times ran into problems with firewalls.

Not so this new one called Skype – just tried it out with my colleague in the U.S. and it was pretty close to phone call quality, with only the slightest drop out once or twice in the conversation. It’s from the makers of Kazaa, so who knows, maybe it installed some nefarious spyware on machine. In any case, it worked great and I now have an easy way to stay in touch via voice, for free. Will have to check out if it handles multi-party conversations. – SWL 

Skype – Free P2P Voice over IP

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