Educause Study on Faculty Use of Course Management Systems

There doesn’t seem to be anything that surprising in this study, “Faculty Use of Course Management Systems” by Glenda Morgan, the learning technology analyst at the Office of Learning and Information Technology of the University of Wisconsin System (at least not in the key findings document available for free on the web – you have to pony up between $750 and $1500 USD for the full study).

Faculty claim that CMS adoption is driven by the need to address a pedagogical problem, yet when questioned further reveal that it really seems driven by the need to manage the administrative problems of large classes… Faculty use grows once they start using it, but those who don’t say they find them difficult to use. Still it’s good to get some numbers behind one’s own anecdotal observations.  

One point of interest – the study reports that 16% of faculty surveyed limited their use of CMSes because of problems their students reported. Which reminds me of this story, about a raving criminology student…

– via [Online Learning Update]

Educause Study on Faculty Use of Course Management Systems