It must be late as I’ve tried to compose responses to 2 or 3 pieces over the last hour and just can’t get any of them to go.

In any case, I’m in uPortal training all next week, then trying to finish off an RFP for a web-services-based inter-institutional registration facilitation system (try saying that 3 times fast!) and then on holiday until May 19. At the speed things are going, I kind of frightened what I might find when I get back – multi-directional typed hyperlinks? CANCORE metadata showing up in my Radip aggregator? free learning objects and a spiffy new open source CMS to use them in? world peace?

(Apart from the joking, does anyone have any thoughts on how any sort of subject-based community that emerges in the blogosphere looks a lot like an ad hoc cohort in an educational institution, if such a thing existed, and why it can be tough to leave once you there, or even to close your darn aggreagtor sometimes!)

Bye for now, Scott.