More OpenSource (or free) CMSes.

I have no idea why, but the post by Elizabeth Lawley a few weeks back bemoaning the state of CMSes and stating her desire for an open source option seemed to bring responses from every direction. This one contains a host of options, most of which were familiar but there were a few new ones.

  • – out of Italy but seems to have multi-language support, PHP and MySQL-based.
  • Xtention.Net – they offer a free version of their LMS for organizations that only need to deal with SCORM objects. It’s ASP, SQL 2000 based.
  • MnITS Internet Teaching System – relies on  Apache, MySQL, and PHP (and I wonder if it is in fact the same systems as another one out of Minnesota that I am currently looking at named MnMaster?)

I will have to recompile the list I have going at as these are coming out fast and furious. I think some finer cateogires are going to be necessary too, as some of these (moodle, atutor, many others) look a whole lot more than others like what we have come to expect from a full-featured CMS. – SWL

More OpenSource (or free) CMSes.

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