Open Cursus – Links

It’s funny how this all works – I posted a quick reply this morning to a posting by Elizabeth Lane Lawley on her mamamusings blog regarding open source course management systems. I ended up back there after seeing that same post again in Stephen Downes’ blog, only to see another response that led to this site.

Part of my reaction was – oh no, not someone else confusing *course* management systems and *content* management systems (there is a difference, which I think I’ve tried to state before, but let me know if you want me to hold forth 😉 And there is some of that, but in fact there are some good links in here to open source CMS/LMS-type systems that I hadn’t seen before. For example:

  • the .LRN system, based on the old OpenACS system
  • this site,, which seems to have a combination of open content and software (with I think a K-12 focus)

I only wish I read Dutch as this site looks like it could have even more interesting stuff. – SWL

Open Cursus – Links