Kubi Software Defines Collaborative Email


“Kubi Client extends existing Email infrastructure investments by using the existing Exchange and Domino messaging platforms and proven SMTP infrastructure. Unlike traditional collaboration tools, Kubi Client uses existing corporate Email directories and authentication mechanisms, providing single sign-on and simple, accurate addressing of user names.”

Now this seems exciting to me. We have a distributed project team that uses heterogenous email environments (Exchange/Outlook, Notes/Domino). Project collaboration has proven to be an ongoing struggle because of this. Separate collaboration environments (at least ones that acts as ‘containers’ and not ‘conduits’) don’t feel like an option. This on ecould be. now if only I could aggregate RSS in here, and if people with neither client could still interact with this through a web space, and I could stream out materials from the various servers in other standards compliant formats, I would have found project collaboration nirvana. I really must get some work done. – SWL 

– via [Online Community Report]

Kubi Software Defines Collaborative Email