Tom Carey talk on widening the object repository net

From the TLT listserv: “Tom Carey, co-chair the board for the highly respected MERLOT collection ( will be co-leading a free Webcast on March 11, 2003” For registration (required in advance for free Webcast)see:

Carey says:
“We need to develop alternatives to the existing choice of ‘free for all’ academic repositories versus ‘fee for all’ commercial collections.
“We need to generalize from exemplary learning objects to frameworks which would allow others to re-use the instructional design with their own content.”)

I saw Tom Carey speak last week at the eduspecs meetings. Great speaker and it looked like Waterloo was in to some interesting work on faculty adoption. The topic of this talk seems to continue one of the emerging themes I noticed last week, the need to not create new content enclaves and to ensure that the repositories we create can not only interroperate with each other but with the larger web. – SWL

Tom Carey talk on widening the object repository net