CHEST – VLE Comparison Grid

Another small comparison site from CHEST, a software license clearinghouse for educational institutions in the U.K.  They compare five products,

  •  Blackboard Learning System
  • FD Learning Ltd
  • LearnWise
  • Teknical Virtual Campus
  • WebCT Campus Edition Pilot

Their ‘all -by-all’ comparison grid uses the following features, mostly focused on licensing and cost implications, as the basis of comparison compares

  • Product description
  • Type of licence
  • Users/Location and use permissions
  • Rights issues
  • Hosted services
  • Requirements
  • Product support
  • Standards and specification
  • Cost of product
  • Cost of training IT staff Other staff
  • Cost of maintenance and support (on site hosting)
  • Cost of maintenance and support (off site hosting)
  • Other support services
CHEST – VLE Comparison Grid